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As we approach the end of the year, we wanted to thank the community who have been called to take God's story to the nations through video. Our goal for our first year is to raise $15,433 in order to complete our first library of Bible storying videos.

As of this writing, we have had nearly 50 unique donors who have given $13,017 which means we are only $2,416 away from our goal!

Our donors represent people from all walks of life across the U.S., and actually, Christians around the world. We are honored to help them reach indigenous people in their heart language, and are blessed to see the impact that the videos are already having.

As we closeout 2019, there are three areas we would like to ask our community to consider. The first and most pressing is that December 30th and 31st are a time when many people are looking for opportunities to make donations before the end of the year. If you or someone you know are looking for an exciting opportunity to carry the Gospel to unreached people groups, please click the button below to donate.

Secondly, if you are already one of our nearly 50 partners and have given to help, perhaps you would consider committing to becoming a regular monthly donor.

And finally, would you commit to pray for as we guide everyday Christians with their mission to impact the world with the Gospel. The opportunities in 2020 will be great. There is no shortage of people groups who need to hear the one message of Jesus Christ in a way that they can understand.

And once again, thanks to everyone in the community who have taken the opportunity to "give the gospel."

*actual donors and statements

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