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Back from Thailand with stories to tell!

We are back from our video shoot with the Isaan people in northeast Thailand. It was our first trip to record video Bible stories with this people group.

It was an incredible trip that was entirely made possible by you and the other members of the community. Your support is the engine that drives the mission to reach the heart of every oral learner with the gospel in a way that they can understand. Thank you!

In addition to recording the first 10 videos of the Isaan video Bible story library, this trip also gave us an opportunity to learn more about the Isaan people.

Our mission partners who make up “Hug Isaan” shared the great spiritual need that exists in this part of Thailand. The mission is vast!

Of the 23 million people that make up the Isaan people group, there are only 40,000 believers. That's less than 1/2 of 1%

The Isaan people love storytelling. They love to share stories, and to learn through stories. That’s why our mission partners at Hug Isaan are excited about the video Bible story library.

As we have shared, an “oral learner” is someone who either cannot read, or they come from a culture where reading is not the primary way to learn. In the case of the Isaan people, many have a poor education. They may be able to read, but their reading is at a very basic level. So their level of reading does not allow them a deep understanding of the lessons in the Bible. That makes the Isaan people a perfect fit for the mission.

Thanks again for the important role that you have played in making all of this possible.

The work for the Isaan video Bible story library is not over. Now we take the important step of editing the stories so they can be shared. To give toward the finish line, please donate below.

Thank you for your partnership with us!

P.S. We shared daily updates from our trip on social media while we were gone. If you missed any of these, you can watch a summary of our trip here.

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