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Heading to Thailand today

As you are reading this post, we have begun our long journey to Thailand.

Today is very exciting to us because we are beginning a brand new video library with the Isaan people.

I personally love the feeling of a fresh new undertaking.

Our mission partners and pastors in Thailand are also excited about getting this tool in their hands and on their phones. 

We will be traveling starting today and returning home on Feb 26th.

We are asking you to commit to praying for our trip while we are gone.


  • Please pray for our traveling safety and our team’s health while on the trip. 

  • Please pray for the pastors and mission partners who will be working alongside us.

  • Please pray for the Isaan people who we will meet and who will be serving as our actors. 

  • Please pray that God will already begin changing lives even as we begin. 


None of this is possible without your gifts and support of the vision to reach the heart of every oral learner with the gospel in a way they can understand.

Thank you!


P.S. There is still time to give to this trip. Will you help us reach the Isaan people with God's Word in a way they can understand?

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