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Exciting news from Turkana

We have exciting news! We have completed and delivered all 20 Turkana video Bible stories to our mission partners in Kenya!

They have been using the first 10 videos for many months, and now they will have the entire set of stories, from Creation to the Resurrection, to share in multiple settings. 

The entire library can now be shared at movie events, by phone, and is available on its own YouTube channel.

Some of the videos were shown recently at Turkana villages in Kenya near the Ethiopian border. There were about 100 professions of faith. One of our mission partners sent this message about how he saw the videos being used.

None of this is possible without your faithful support as a member of our community. We began working on the Turkana videos nearly two years ago. Your continuous support is giving the opportunity to complete this and numerous other libraries in South America, Africa, and Asia.

If you would like to give toward the completion of more video Bible story libraries, click below.

P.S. We will soon be announcing our next trip for our next new people group. Look for updates soon!

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