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Looking Back, Looking Forward

As we wrap up the first year of, we wanted to take a look back at some of the exciting things that have happened with our partners in connection with their ministry and the pilot project of “Bible Storying Videos” in South America. Some parts of these stories may have been shared in the past, but we thought it would be good post them all together in a big praise for what can happen when every day Christians decide to take action, and reach the unreached people groups around the world.

At the beginning of November, our partners were able to baptize 3 new believers. Sky* came to know the Lord back in July when one of our partners and a mission volunteer shared with her. They helped her brother JJ*, one of the village's only believers, lead her to understand and pray to receive Christ. Two days before her scheduled baptism her 8-year-old daughter came to faith as well. When they arrived for the baptism, they learned her 12-year-old daughter had also prayed to receive Christ. So, what was scheduled to be a single baptism became a family event.

Alberto* is JJ’s older brother. God has been convicting and drawing Alberto to Himself for several years. Our team got to know Alberto while we were filming the videos in September. He volunteered as an actor for the videos, and spent the entire day with our team. Later, one of our partners went to visit JJ, and Alberto was waiting for him. The brothers explained how Alberto had finally made the decision that he wanted to become a follower of Jesus. After confirming his understanding of Christ's redemptive salvation, he confessed his sins and begged Jesus to take over his life. Since then, Alberto has helped lead in worship in his community. He is also translating a Bible story into his native language so his sister and mother can more easily understand. In addition to Alberto, God has moved in the hearts of 3 other family members, drawing them into a saving relationship with Himself. That means there were 6 new believers in the community of Anablia* just in the month of November! Praise God!

Please pray for Alberto and the other new believers that they will grow in their faith and in their boldness to share with others. Please continue to pray for the villages and all those who live there. Our partners still face some who do not want them, or God's Word, in their village. Pray that God will change their hearts. Pray for those in favor of our partners, and that the community will begin to experience the power of God at work in the families there.

Please pray for us at as we look for opportunities in 2020 to return to South America to impact more people groups in their own heart language, and as we explore other opportunities in Africa. God has taken us farther in our first year than we would have ever expected, and we are excited to see how He plans to use the impact of every day Christians like you.

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