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Check out our Christmas wish list!

Do you have that mom or dad who is impossible to shop for at Christmas? We at want to make it easy for you so we are getting our Christmas list out early. The first item on our list is simple.

1. We want every oral learner to have God’s Word in a way that they can see and understand. 

Okay. That wasn't hard. It’s the item that you would know even if you didn’t know us very well.

2. We want more mission partners, prayer partners, and financial partners. 

Again. Not too difficult. If you’ve been listening, we’ve been dropping hints about this one all year long.

3. We want to have 15 opportunities to share the mission in front of church groups and congregations.

Now, we’re starting to share a deeper dive into the list. This is a wish you might not know if we didn’t tell you. 

We believe if we have an opportunity to share with other believers about the vision, that many of them will want to come alongside us and join our support team. We would love to come to your church to share the mission to reach the heart of every oral learner with the Word of God. Please reply to this email if you know of a church that might be open to having us come.

4. Two roundtrip tickets from the U.S. to Thailand

This is one of those gifts that only our closer circle might know. For $4,000, some gift-giver can provide the first step to reaching our next new people group. 

In February, we will begin the library of video Bible stories for the Isan people. They live in northeast Thailand near the border to Communist Laos. The stories in their language will be used to reach not just them, but also neighboring Laotians and Cambodians.

5. New video editing computer

Finally, if you want to get us that one gift that would blow us away, make us gush and say, “you shouldn’t have,” this is the one. 

Recently, someone asked, “What’s the one thing that you need that will have the biggest long-term impact?” That’s when we realized we are still working on an editing system that is eight-years-old! 

Can you imagine how your life would be impacted if your smart phone was that old? A $3,500 gift can get our technology up-to-date. That will enable us to complete the projects faster and get the videos to our mission partners more quickly. It will be a gift that keeps on giving for years to come!

So there you have it. The "Sears Catalog" with all of the important hints circled. 

And a note of thanks. This has been an incredible year and none of it was possible without your partnership. 

Whether the gift is big or small, they are all meaningful. If there is anything on this list that connects with you, please give.

Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas!

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