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Returning to Colombia...finally! produces a library of video Bible stories, from Creation through the Resurrection, using native speakers and indigenous actors, so oral learners can see and hear the gospel in their heart language.

And we’re excited to return to where it all began.

Three years ago we went to Colombia for our very first video recording trip. was officially only a few months old. Before that trip our dream of reaching the unreached was really just that -- a dream. We completed half of the video Bible stories for an indigenous people group in Colombia, and planned to quickly return. Well, that return took a lot longer than we could ever imagine, as Colombia was especially hard hit by Covid, and the indigenous people groups there were at greater risk. Still, our supporters provided funding for food when their villages were facing hunger from the pandemic shutdowns.

Now, three years later, we are returning to complete the library of video Bible stories! God has moved among this people group since we were last there. The first village where we recorded had only two believers at that time.

A number of our actors made professions of faith after our first visit. Now they have a group meeting that our mission partners describe as a “pre-church.”

(LEFT) Leo*, who played Moses, became a believer as a result of his role and his conversations about God with our missionary partners. (RIGHT) Alberto* is the indigenous actor who portrayed Abraham. He was saved and baptized and is now helping plant the new church.

There are many other unreached villages among this people group, but they are very cell phone savvy! Completed videos have already found their way into villages where our mission partners have not yet been.

Sacrificial investment in the Kingdom of God by believers like you is what makes our going possible -- to Colombia, to Africa, and through all the open doors where God leads us.

Will you join us in accelerating the spread of the gospel to the hardest to reach people groups in the world by making a monthly donation of $50 or $100?

Thank you for being a sender! We value your investment as a member of the team!

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