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Your Giving Tuesday Now donations at work

On Tuesday, May 5th, joined the global movement of generosity called Giving Tuesday Now, an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. And many people from the community joined us as we passed our goal and raised $3,191.

Half of the donations will be used in our ongoing Bible storying video project in South America*. The other half of the donations ($1,596) was sent to one of our mission partners in South America who are working with a people group there.

They were able to purchase 150 packs of food for the indigenous people in their area. Each pack of food can feed 7-8 people for about a week. That's more than 1,000 people who will have food for a week because of your faithful giving! WOW!!

On Saturday, May 23rd, our mission partners delivered the food we purchased to the villages and it’s exciting to see how God is using their efforts to open doors for the gospel. Here’s a video update from our mission partners there.



Also, in the community of La Pampa*, we heard from Leo* who was one of the actors in the videos we shot last fall. He said, “Our community give thanks to all of you because the vulnerable families in our community have food to eat today.”



“The community and I are very grateful for the food packages given. Thank you, and thanks be to God” said Carmelo*, the governor of La Pampa.


And finally, last year, our mission partners were shut out of one community because of disagreements and politics within that village. They’ve been trying for months to gain access to minister in that community again, but have been unsuccessful until now.

According to one of our mission partners, “The people there were telling us that we are the only ones helping that community and it has been noticed. One of the key leaders has said he wants [us] back in the community because the community needs to hear God's word. So this food program appears to have opened a door that was previously closed.”

All of this has been made possible by people like you who care about meeting the physical needs of people around the world struggling in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Your generosity is opening doors for, and our mission partners to meet their spiritual needs as well.

Thank you!

*The name and specific location of this people group is withheld for privacy and cultural purposes.

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