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Celebrating another milestone

We just wanted to celebrate another milestone with our community. Last week, we held our first-ever fundraising banquet. It was called “The Harvest is Great”.

It was an opportunity to share a meal and share our mission with a new group of believers. An important part of our presentation was “Join the 72”. So it was meaningful to us that there were exactly 72 attendees at the event.

We were able to share a number of videos from mission partners and donors who make up our community. Here’s one of the videos about the challenge.

Almost $14,000 has already been donated or committed by the sponsors and donors who came! If you would like to join in this excitement and give to support our next project, please click the button below. is five years old this month of May. We have already recorded 130 Bible stories in seven different languages.

On July 14th, we will be beginning a new video Bible story library with the Luo tribe in Kenya.

There are more than 5 million Luo people primarily in Kenya and Tanzania, and fewer than 10% are evangelical. But that does not tell the whole story of the mission challenge with the Luo.

Like many parts of Africa, the “prosperity gospel” has made great inroads with the Luo people. Prosperity gospel is the teaching that greater faith will translate into “health and wealth” rewards. It claims that poverty is a sin, and that Christians can force God to give them things through their works and prayers.

Kenya is just one of the places in the world where there is an urgency to share God’s true gospel. Not only is there a need for unreached people to hear the unadulterated truth of God’s Word, but in many places there is a window of time where the freedom to share is closing. In nearly every case, the vast majority of the unreached are oral learners, and that’s where the video Bible stories are needed.

Please begin praying for our trip which begins on July 14th. 

  • Pray for the Luo people. 

  • Pray for our new mission partners.

  • And pray for our team’s safety.

And if you would like to give toward this trip, please click below.

Thank you!


And finally, we would like to thank each of our sponsors who helped make our fundraising banquet possible. Here is a list of these special friends and you can click each image to visit their website!










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