You can accelerate the spread of the gospel to the hardest to reach people groups in the world.

Partner with to create videos that share God's Word in a way they can see and understand.


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More than 3,000 people groups are unreached* and most cannot read the language they speak.

of the world's population are oral learners.**

Oral learners are illiterate, visually impaired or part of a culture that does not learn from a written language.

of the world's 7,353 languages have no scripture whatsoever.***


In the face of such overwhelming need, what can the average Christian do?

More than you might think!

With, you can accelerate the spread of the gospel to the hardest to reach people groups in the world.


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REVOLUTIONARY METHODS produces a library of video Bible stories using native speakers and indigenous actors, so people can see and hear the gospel in their own language.


How does know what people groups need videos? collaborates with missionaries and mission partners who are already working with specific unreached people groups. The Bible storying videos are a resource for these partners to use in their already on-going ministry. These partners choose the stories to produce that will most effectively communicate to the people group they are working with. They also deliver the completed videos to individuals in their people group with whom they have an existing relationship.

How are the Bible Storying videos delivered to an unreached people group?

Once the videos have been recorded and edited, they are given to our mission partners on computer SD cards and as digital video files. Mission partners who are already working with a particular unreached people group, can then show the stories on their computer or on their cell phone. The stories can be shared as digital files on phone messaging apps like “What’sApp”.The indigenous people can then carry the stories on their own phones and share it with friends and family independently of the mission partners. The mission partners have also played the stories for larger groups by hosting “Movie Nights” in the villages where they work.

How long has been doing this?

The idea of Bible Storying videos began about 8 years ago when founder Paul Wynn went on a mission trip with his church to help a missionary in Colombia. They produced a few videos and developed the idea further over the next few years. was birthed out of this experience early in 2019 and has begun to expand the concept to new areas and new people groups around the world.

How can my church participate in sharing the gospel message this way?

Most Christians have a desire to be generous and want to live a life of meaning. We are called to reach the world for Christ, but many people groups are not being reached because of the barrier of language. can help your church bridge that gap. If your church has a mission fair or emphasis, you could invite to attend and to share the Gospel need of oral learners and unreached people groups. There are also opportunities for small teams to come and build relationships while video production is taking place. Please contact us for more information about possible trips with the team.

What are some examples of how the Bible Storying videos have succeeded?

In our pilot project with mission partners in South America, God has used the Bible storying videos in ways that we anticipated and in ways that surprised us. The videos are already being used by our mission partners to cross the language gap, and to share the Bible in a deeper way. The Bible storying videos have also found their way into other villages where our partners had not yet begun to serve, and were then invited to come. One way that surprised us is how some members of the people group began asking deeper spiritual questions after participating as actors in the video production which then led to them making professions of faith.

As it is written, “Those who have never been told of him will see, and those who have never heard will understand.”

Romans 15:21


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Leo was an actor when came to record video Bible stories with us here in South America. After they left he began to ask more and more questions about God. . .

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It was movie night at a large village with our mission partners, but they weren’t showing the latest blockbuster. They were showing a series of video Bible stories in the heart language of the people group. It all started when the town governor had seen a video produced by the community. . .



Our missionary partners in South America had hoped to learn to speak fluently in their indigenous group’s language, but after a few months they decided it would not be realistic to do in the time they needed. That’s when they changed focus to use the video Bible stories to teach at a deeper level quickly. . .
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