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How We Got Here

The journey of began innocently enough nearly seven years ago. I was a member of a rural church plant in North Georgia. After many years of mission trips in the US, I was about to go on my first international trip to South America.

The team included a number of people who by vocation or hobby had a background in video production. I was one of them. The Christian worker we were going to help decided to put those skills to work. He was trying to reach an indigenous people group who had about 18,000 people and fewer than 20 believers.

His idea was to take the children of the people group to use as actors to create video Bible stories about Jesus, and then have them narrated in the language of the people group. The video would look like them and sound like them. He said they had never heard a video of any kind in their own tongue.

The teams have changed, the Christian workers have changed, but over the past seven years, we have created nearly 20 different Bible stories now in 5 different indigenous languages.

So two years ago, Doug Keesey and I set aside the entire year to pray about whether God would have us establish a non-profit ministry that would do the same thing, but instead of 20 videos over a number of years, it would be done in a few months. At the end of that year of prayer, we felt the freedom to move ahead, and we have spent the last year to take the steps to follow that vision.

Now, we are searching for partners who share our desire to see this model shared with unreached people groups all around the world.

Most Christians have a desire to be generous and want to live a life of meaning. We are called to reach the world for Christ, but many people groups are not being reached because of the barrier of language. This can make us feel powerless to reach those people and places. has a method for you to help missionaries overcome those barriers. With your help, we produce a library of video Bible stories for indigenous oral learners so they can see and hear the gospel message in their own language.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us today?​

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