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We're celebrating 4 years, plus an update on our Turkana project

Did you realize that this month is’s birthday? That’s right. We are 4 years old! If you didn’t get us a gift yet, there’s still time. 🙂

Four years ago, we reached out to a mission partner in Colombia, and put a date on the calendar to come and record our first video Bible stories for a group of unreached oral learners.

Now, mind you, we didn’t even have our first donor yet. We set the date, figured out the budget, and started to reach out to other Christians who we believed would share our vision. And God came through, touching the hearts of our heroes who have given time after time through occasional gifts or monthly commitments.

Fast forward four years, and that community of believers has continued to grow...churches and individuals who want to see the heart of every oral learner reached with the Word of God!

So much has been accomplished.

In 4 short years, including the COVID shutdown, we have:

  • taken 6 production trips

  • worked with 4 unreached people groups in South America and Africa

  • recorded a total of 82 video Bible stories

  • produced videos in 5 different languages

  • planned to expand to Thailand and Peru in the next year

Plans to return to Turkana have firmed up.

We are also excited to announce that we have dates for returning to work with the Turkana people in northwest Kenya. We originally planned to travel in March of this year, but we recently shared with you that those plans were delayed.

Airfare has now been purchased and we will return July 10-19 to complete the project. We have already recorded and edited half of their library of video Bible stories.

The Turkana project is part of a partnership with SERV International and Revolution Church in Canton, GA. There are more than one million Turkana people spread across Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Sudan.

Click the image above to view "The Crucifixion of Jesus" produced last year in Turkana, Kenya.

Please pray for our trip to Turkana.

  • Pray for the health and safety of our crew.

  • Pray for our partners as they begin to prepare ahead of us.

  • Pray for the Turkana people who will be the actors in the videos.

  • Pray that the videos will find their way to oral learners being reached by SERV International and others in other countries.

  • And pray about your partnership with us in reaching the new groups that God is showing us.

You are the SENDERS who make all of this possible. If you would like to support our trip to Turkana or any of our other video Bible story projects, please click here.

Thank you!

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