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We Need Your Help

We are busily working towards the next trip to Africa to finish the Video Bible Storying library for our new people group in Kenya. We are hoping to be back there by the fall.

But in the meantime, we need your help. Over the two years of's life, we have learned that the best way to connect with others who share our heart of reaching the unreached is through churches.

When we can be at a church in person, and share the urgent need of the more than 3,000 unreached people groups, we find others who have a heart to make a difference.

If your church or a church that you know is having a mission fair, a mission emphasis, or would be open to allow us to be there in person, we want to come.

We want you to be our ambassador, our person of peace. If you can reach out, or make an introduction, we can take it from there.

We want your prayers. We want your financial support. But most important, we want the influence that you have in your circle. You have a heart for the mission of accelerating the spread of the gospel to the hardest to reach people groups in the world, and we know that you are our best representative!

To refer a church, please click here. Or have them contact Paul Wynn at or 770-851-6264.

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