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Turkana Delayed

Sometimes logistics, funding, or other factors change our plans, but God has His own perfect timing for sowing and reaping.

Our March trip to finish the Turkana library has been delayed due to factors beyond our control. But if all goes well, we expect to head back to Africa in July to finish the last 10 videos.

In the meantime, we are in active conversation with some new contacts about trips for new people groups in Peru and Thailand. It is exciting to see how God is multiplying these connections that lead to new inroads for the gospel!



Our missionary partner to the Chamí (Colombia) has been enthusiastically sharing the impact of video Bible stories with other missionaries. As a result, a missionary in Peru who has been looking for ways to use technology to spread the gospel is now working with us to create a project for the Quechua people in the mountain region of southern Peru. This video series could be far-reaching, as the Quechua people speak 10 different languages.

Another contact through a church partner has led to a relationship with a native Peruvian man praying to share Christ with two groups of people in the jungles of northern Peru. His own mother grew up in one of these tribes and became a believer in 1952 when Swiss missionaries reached her with the Gospel. This trip would be our most “rustic” yet, as these people groups have no advanced technology, and all supplies have to be packed in.

We are praying about taking at least one trip to Peru in 2023, and possibly as early as this summer.



A recent article in Christianity Today about breaking through cultural barriers led our donor/grants manager to follow up with one of the people mentioned in the article. It turns out that they knew each other from school! He referred to his contacts in Thailand, who are talking to us about several people groups in various parts of the country.

This would be our first project in Asia, and a significant milestone in the growth of the ministry.


Grants and DAFs will always offer video Bible stories free to missionaries and native pastors. If God wishes this ministry to be the channel for reaching new people groups, He will send the increase in financial support to make that happen.

This year we are starting to pursue grants from foundations who support spreading the Gospel through technology. Grant writing can be a rewarding, but often lengthy process that yields results after many months of relationship building. Please pray for open doors and God’s favor in this effort!

We also have a new way that our Community can give. If you have already set up a donor advised fund (DAF), please contact your fund manager to recommend for a grant. Our new DAF Direct tool on our donation page will take you there (please look for the orange Donor Advised Funds button)!

As you can see, there are great opportunities ahead for this year, but none of them are possible without our community sharing in the vision.

If you would like to give now just click HERE.

Unsure of what we are talking about when we say “donor advised funds”? Go ahead and click on “DAF Direct Tool” to get information about DAFs from Thrivent Charitable and National Christian Foundation.

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