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Reaching "Oral Learners"

Our mission is BIG! As the community grows and we look forward to 2020, it’s important to remind ourselves of the challenge that lies before us.

There are 5.7 billion oral learners in the world.

What’s an oral learner? Anyone who is:

  • completely illiterate

  • functionally illiterate

  • blind or visually impaired

  • part of a culture that simply teaches orally and not with a written language.

The long and short of it is that even if they had God’s Word written in their language, they could not read it.

Actually, the vast majority of Christian outreach done today is done by the written word, through a means that 5.7 billion cannot begin to understand.

A few more facts:

2.7 Billion people make up the unengaged, unreached people of the world.
Approximately 2 billion are without any of the Old Testament.
There are 7,353 languages in the world and 3,969 have no scripture whatsoever.
350 million people do not have a single verse of scripture in their heart language.

You are making a difference!

These facts make what the community is doing so important. You are delivering God’s Word in a way that people can see, hear and understand.

We received another recent example of the power of the Bible Storying Video Project. This past weekend, our mission partners in South America held another movie night in a new village with their people group. Here’s how one of them describes it:

“We started the evening with just a few people as we were showing some videos in Spanish of some kids bible stories that I have. Not many people really appeared interested in what was going on. The moment I started the [Bible Storying] videos and the people heard their language, they literally came running from their houses to see what was going on. They paid very close attention to all the videos, and to my explanation of filling in the gaps between the bible story videos. One of our volunteers got to share his testimony and the gospel afterwards. It was an amazing evening to see God at work!”

You made this possible! What you are doing is making a difference. These kinds of results happen because members of the community responded to God's calling and gave generously to support the production of these videos. We know how to do it, we just need your help!

If you have never given before, would you consider joining our community and donate today?
If you have given before, would you consider becoming a regular monthly member? Any gift will help – even $10, $25, or more every month!

To join the community and become a one-time or monthly giver, just click the button below!

Also, please continue to pray for this coming year as we plan to return to South America and expand the number of people groups who can hear God’s Word in their heart language.

Thank you!



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