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One More Step is about 18 months old at this point. We have spent half the life of our ministry in a worldwide pandemic which has prevented us from traveling to the indigenous people groups who we want to reach. That has been discouraging.

The positives are that despite being unable to travel, you, our donors have continued to be faithful. At this point, $18,481 has been donated so far this year. When God does open the door to new opportunities, we already have the funding to pursue any direction where He would send us.

We recently met online with our Colombia mission partners. The last time we spoke we had made a tentative plan to go and shoot for three weeks in January. However, like everywhere else in the world, the pandemic has not abated like we would have hoped. Colombia actually is ninth in the world for the total number of COVID-19 cases.

Despite some encouraging signs, it does not look like we will be able to conduct a full, three week trip of shooting as was our original plan. We do believe we will be making a shorter trip, and shoot 4-5 stories in one village over the span of a week. We are still planning to make that trip early in 2021.

In the meantime, we feel strongly that God is pushing us to begin to look for new opportunities in parts of the world where we have not worked before now. So that will be a new emphasis in the coming year.

The community has responded to every request we have made. We are thankful to you for that faithfulness. Through your gifts, you continue to be a part of the call to accelerate the spread of the Gospel to the hardest to reach people groups. But we are putting out a special call throughout the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas season. We want you to pray and share.

  • Please pray about the challenges we are facing with the pandemic, and ask God to guide us to the new opportunities where he is leading us. We want to be transparent about the struggles we are facing to move ahead, and for you all to carry that burden with us through prayer.

  • We would ask that you take one further step. If you are praying with us about these challenges, would let us know how you are praying and specifically what you are praying? Simply click the "PRAY" button below, and share your prayers with us. I cannot tell you what it will mean to us to be able to stop and read your prayers. If you will commit to engage with us in this way, we commit to respond.

Thanks for your partnership to reach every unreached people group in our lifetime.

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