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Need Some Good News?

How about some good news in this year that seems woefully low on such things? A few months ago, it became clear that our plan to return to South America this year to record more Bible Storying Videos with our mission partners was not realistic.

Colombia, where a number of our mission partners minister, was totally locked down. Not U.S. quarantine, where we have a lot of freedom to decide just how we will comply. But real lockdown. No one travels in or out of the country. No one travels within the country. Within a city, one person per family can go to the grocery store as needed.

Furthermore, the idea of traveling into the villages of our indigenous people was completely out of the question. Their communities are particularly vulnerable to the Coronavirus. An infection among their families could spread rapidly and be devastating. So we waited. Waited on the virus. Waited on the government. Waited on God.

This week was the first step towards returning to record more videos. The quarantine has finally been lifted!

The people inside the country have been released to move around again. We are still a number of steps away from actually being on the ground there, but this is good news. We can once again begin to make plans to continue our mission of reaching every unreached people group in our lifetime.

There is more good news, and this is not much of a surprise really. That is that you, the community has continued to give faithfully. We doubled the fundraising goal this year to $30,000. But that was before the world came to a halt. However, you continued to give. The community has donated over $13,000. That's more than 43% of our goal in a year when we were unable to move forward with physical travel!

If God allows, we will be traveling to South America in early 2021. We will able to move quickly because you have been so faithful. We are especially grateful to those of you who have committed to give every month. You allow us to plan wisely knowing in advance what our resources are. Thank you so much for your consistency!

Thanks to you, we are accelerating the spread of the Gospel to the hardest to reach people groups in the world.

Would you prayerfully consider donating toward our 2020 goal of $30,000? Your one-time gift of any amount would be greatly appreciated. Or if you would like to commit to becoming a regular monthly supporter that would be wonderful as well. Thank you!

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