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Mapping the Journey

At, we view our goal to reach every oral learner with the gospel as a journey. But it's not just our journey, it's a journey we travel with every member of the community who prays, who gives, who yearns to see God's Word shared in every heart language.

To that end, we strive to be transparent with you, our partners, about how the trip is going. So every January, we compile an annual report looking back on our travels the previous year, and over the entire journey so far.

We want to take a minute and share some of the highlights from that report, and some thoughts about the coming year.

An Exciting Year!

First of all, 2022 was a truly exciting year. It feels like since Covid began we have not been able to unleash the resources of the community, and to create Bible story videos as quickly as we want.

Last year, we traveled to Africa twice and to South America once. We completed the recording of videos for our Colombian people group, and recorded the first 10 videos for each of two new people groups in Kenya, the Turkana and Rendille tribes.

We also completed editing of the entire video library for the Samburu people in Kenya and delivered the videos to our mission partners for use in the field.

I constantly have to remind myself that is less than 4 years old. During that time, you, our partners, have been faithful to financially support the mission. Each year, donations have grown by 50 percent or more.

We also strive to be faithful stewards with the gifts of our supporters. This past year more than 85% of all donations went directly to the costs of traveling, producing, and distributing the Bible story videos. Less than 4% went to administrative or financial fees.

Goals for 2023

In this coming year, we have a number of strategic goals designed to expand our mission.

  1. We want to want to make 4 international trips to do video production.

  2. We want to begin working in a new country or region.

  3. We want to share–free of charge–our video Bible story libraries with other mission organizations who are also trying to reach the Samburu and Chamí people.

  4. We want to expand our community and donor support by visiting 10 churches in person to share the vision of, and by hosting 4 in-home gatherings or fundraising events. If your church would be interested in having us visit and share the vision, please contact Paul Wynn at

These are some big goals, but we believe they are possible with God's help and provision.

Thank you!

Finally, we never want to end a post without thanking you for your vital role in our mission of reaching the heart of every oral learner with the Word of God. Only together can we complete this journey!


To view a copy of the 2022 Annual Report, please click the button below.

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