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Here We Go Again

The trip to Kenya this spring was such a positive experience, both for us and our mission partners, that we could not wait to get back to Africa. So we're not, waiting that is.

In September, we are sending another crew to complete the library of video Bible stories for the Samburu people in Kenya! In the spring trip, we were able to complete production for seven videos. Based on its success, we are going back to record nearly twice as many videos.

We want to share with you not just our enthusiasm for this project, but we want you to see and hear for yourself the excitement of our partners in Africa.

This is Julius. Listen as he shares about how the videos will be used to reach the Samburu people group–to reach new believers AND to help further their goal of starting new churches too.

It's even more exciting to hear from Julius.

The goal for the fall trip is to produce 13 more Bible stories to complete a library of 20 videos! The cost of this project will be $30,299. It's our most ambitious project yet!

You'll be hearing more about the trip in the coming weeks. The countdown is on, and the departure date is Sept 21st. But for now, we are asking you to begin praying for the project and its success.

If you'd like to support this project and help the Samburu people see and hear God's Word in a way they can understand, please click on the button below. Thank you!

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