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God-Sized Visions

We're back from Kenya!

The fog of jet lag has almost cleared my head so I wanted to share with you about the Kenya project. If you missed Doug Keesey's daily reports on Facebook, you should really check them out here.

Seven new video Bible stories completed!

The high points are that in the span of three-and-a-half days we were able to complete production of seven video Bible stories for the Samburu people group! The seven stories that we shot are; The Creation, The Fall in the Garden, Cain and Abel, Abraham and Isaac, The Birth of Christ, The Crucifixion, and The Resurrection.

The response from the village where we did the production was overwhelming. The actors were enthusiastic, and when they were not part of the production they stayed close by to watch the recording.

We would begin each day by telling the stories of the videos we were shooting that day. The local leaders would cast the actors and off we would go. On the Sunday we were there, we worshiped at the local church. The pastor asked what was learned during the production the day before, and one by one different people shared not just the story of what was shot, but principles they took away from the stories.

For instance, one woman said that in the story of the Birth of Christ, she saw how God was willing to come to reach people in the lowliest of situations. It was inspiring.

Long-term partnership formed!

The mission partners, God's Grace For All Nations (GGFAN), are also inspired. GGFAN is reaching out to six unreached people groups in northern Kenya. Based on this first trip and their enthusiasm for the project, we already feel led to return to Kenya later in the year to complete the Samburu 20-video library.

Furthermore, we believe this partnership with GGFAN will be a multi-year relationship as we try to supply them with video Bible stories for several, if not all of the people groups they are reaching.

That is a God-sized vision that will require faith and follow through not just on the part of, but on the part of you, our community and donors.

The vision was always God-sized. I mean, how else do you describe the call to reach every unreached people group in our lifetime?

Thank you and keep praying!

So thank you for your partnership that has carried that vision so far in just two years.

Please pray for the next steps;

  • the next trip to Kenya

  • the next people groups who need to be reached

  • and the next two years of what God has planned

Most importantly, pray for what role God would have you to fill as together we accelerate the spread of the Gospel to the hardest to reach people groups in the world.

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