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Big. Concrete. News.

Well, it’s finally happened.

God has cleared a path for to move ahead to our next people group.

We will be in northern Kenya April 26th through May 8th recording video Bible stories for a people group that is made up of more than 300,000 people. They are a migratory people who primarily herd cattle and sheep for their livelihood which means every few months they will just up and move; home, family, and livestock.

As a result, it has made reaching this group through churches more difficult. A church can be started near a group of families and begin to make progress, and then one day, those families will be gone.

That’s what will make the strategy such an important tool for our mission partners there. Like so many people around the world, our Kenya people group may not have permanent homes, but they all have mobile phones. It means even after they physically move on elsewhere, our mission partners can continue to share by phone, and disciple with video Bible stories that look and sound like their people group.

The cost for the travel, on-location video production, and the editing on this project is $21,000.

The mission of the community is to provide these video tools without burdening our mission partners with any of those costs. So we are launching a new fund drive specifically for the Kenya Project.

All the money that our partners give between now and our return from Africa will go towards the cost of reaching this new group.

The most urgent need is the travel and production costs. At, $16,000, it represents the biggest portion of the cost, and is the most immediate need.

In the coming weeks, we will be challenging you to do more to make this trip possible.

  • We are so grateful for those who have committed to give every month, and we will be asking you to pray about increasing that monthly amount, or to consider an additional one time gift to the Kenya Project.

  • There are others who don’t give every month, but you have given generously at various times over the past two years. We are asking you to pray about making a monthly commitment, or to make another faithful gift in the near future.

  • There are many of you who may not have financially contributed yet, but you have continued to share interest in the mission. You have followed us and prayed for our cause. I hope you will consider now the right time to take that next step and give for the first time.

Finally, we are asking all of you to be our ambassadors. To share the cause with your family and friends, and to advocate for us with those who might share your heart for the unreached.

We know how to accelerate the spread of the gospel to the hardest to reach people groups in the world, and with your help, we will reach them all in our lifetime.

You can also donate by aiming your smartphone's camera at the QR code below:

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