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A successful trip to Colombia!

We just returned from our trip to Colombia and we're excited to share that it was a great success.

An extremely productive trip!

On this trip, we were able to record 8 new video Bible stories from the New Testament in just 3 days! These stories included many of the miracles that Jesus performed, as well as the story of Pentecost and the birth of the church. We have now recorded all 20 video Bible stories for the Chamí people.

If you'd like to watch our last video update from Colombia, click here.

What's left to be done...

Although we have completed recording of all 20 stories in the library, there is still much work to be done. We have to wait on the Chamí to translate the stories into their language. This is a time-consuming process as they are very careful to protect the meaning and integrity of scripture. Then we have to edit the videos, which will take a few days for each one. So the next few months will be key to completing the library for our mission partners to use.

Exciting results

On our first trip to work with the Chamí in 2019, there were only 2 believers in this village. Now there are about 10 believers and they've begun the process of forming their first church.

It was so exciting to see familiar faces from our first trip who have now trusted in Jesus Christ and who are working to reach their own community as well as going on "mission trips" to neighboring Chamí communities to share the gospel.

We praise God for how He is working among these people!

A sobering revelation

As we talked with the missionaries, they shared news with us that the translation of the New Testament into the Chamí language had recently been completed and it took about 30 YEARS to do so!

They also told us about the efforts to distribute these New Testaments among the Chamí people. While it would seem like an exciting development in reaching this people group, it was actually quite sad to hear that most of the Chamí will never read these Bibles.

Why? Because they are oral preference learners. That means they are part of a culture that either can't read, or that doesn't learn or gain information by reading.

That's what makes our video Bible stories such a powerful tool in reaching the Chamí. The stories of the Bible come to life as they see people that look just like them portraying the characters and hear the narrators tell the story in their own heart language!

The stories can be shown with a projector in small group settings, viewed on a cell phone during one-on-one conversations, or even shared on social media via WhatsApp or YouTube. And YOU are making that happen!

If you would like to invest in the work that is left to be done on this project, please click the button below.



Samburu Tribe – KENYA

The entire 20-video library was completed earlier this year and is currently being used to reach the Samburu people!


Turkana Tribe – KENYA

The first 10 videos were recorded in April and are now in the editing process. They should be done and delivered by the end of 2022. The remaining 10 videos are tentatively scheduled to be recorded in the Spring of 2023.


Rendille Tribe – KENYA

The first 10 videos were recorded in July of this year. We plan to begin editing the videos in the next month or two and complete them in early 2023. The remaining 10 videos are tentatively scheduled to be recorded in the Summer of 2023.


Other possible locations

We are still looking for the next people group(s) that God would have us work with, however, there has been some initial interest from potential mission partners in Peru and Iraq. Please be praying that God will open doors and lead us to the next people group where we can help accelerate the spread of the gospel.


As always, we thank each and every one of you for being a part of our support team...for sending us to the uttermost parts of the earth to assist others in making disciples. Without your prayers and your faithful giving, none of this would be possible!
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