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A global day of generosity!

Today is "Giving Tuesday," sometimes described as the Global Day of Generosity. Giving Tuesday is a day to express thankfulness for our own blessings by giving to causes that match our deepest desires for change in the world. wants to be that agent of change!

This is the heart desire of our community --

to reach the heart of every oral learner with the Word of God!

Though many of you share our excitement of traveling to distant people groups, meeting with the pastors and actors, and actual filming, there is still a large chunk of the process you may not know about that takes place once the camera stops recording.

Translation and video editing are "behind the curtain" details that are critical for an unreached people to understand the context of scripture and the true nature of their creator.

Translation: A Commitment to Biblical Integrity

Our missionary partners are passionate about making sure the narration reflects the true meaning of the Biblical text. The translation process can take weeks or months, especially for people groups who have no Bible.

For example, Mike Jones spends a lot of time with a team of native speakers to get the translation correct for the Chamí video narration. They translate the script from Spanish into Chamí. Then they reverse the process, translating from Chamí back to Spanish to make sure the final narration is true to the Biblical text and context.

Mike has personal experience with the disappointment of translation errors. The Chamí waited for 25 years for a translation of the Bible into their language. In that amount of time the language itself changed so much that when the New Testament arrived, the language read much like formal King James English sounds to our ears.

While we were in Colombia in October, Mike took some time to talk with us about the challenges of translation:

Putting a Bow on it: Editing, Effects, and Polishing

Each video requires 8 to 24 hours to edit the raw footage and artfully weave in special effects and the finished translation. These are not Hollywood productions, but we do include visual effects that are beyond the viewer's ordinary experience to give a sense of wonder.

For example, the challenge of showing Jesus calming the Sea of Galilee in a location stricken with severe drought, or illustrating the physical glory of God to indicate his supernatural character. To more-fully appreciate how we solve these challenges, please visit our finished Samburu stories at

Will you help meet the expenses

for these behind-the-curtain details?

The cost to wrap up every story currently in production is $8,110 and we're currently about 20% of the way there! Will you please help us today on this global day of giving?

Thank you for your special gift to finish the video Bible story libraries for the Rendille, Turkana, and Chamí people!

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