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A Glimpse of the New Year

One of the stories we share with our oral learners is the story of God’s call of Abraham. You probably know the story well. God calls Abraham to leave his father’s house, his relatives, and his own land for a land that God would show him. (Genesis 12:1-2)

So at the age of 75 Abraham obeyed. He packed up his family and everything he owned, and went in search of a city that had foundations whose architect and builder was God (Hebrews 11:10).

Maybe 2020 felt like that to you. Maybe you had to make some choices not based on things you could feel and see, but based on a call that God had given to you. All year, we have asked you to travel an unclear path with us. We have asked you to have a hopeful look towards the future, and our community have joined in with those aspirations.

We continued to do what we could to reach the unreached. But at a time when we could not travel abroad physically, you continued to support our journey to accelerate the spread of the gospel to the hardest to reach people groups in the world.

We asked you to continue to give so that once God did allow us to travel, we would have the resources to respond quickly. That’s exactly what you did. It’s hard to believe that is still less than two years old, and that half of that time has been spent in pandemic. And yet, last year you gave nearly twice as much as you gave in the first year. You have continued to travel with us to a city whose foundations were built by God. And for that, we cannot be more grateful.


God is now beginning to give us a glimpse of what that city might look like this year. We are having discussions with a ministry in Kenya that works with people groups near the Sudan border. We could be traveling to record our first stories with their people group as early as this April. This ministry is an exciting new partnership with a mission team that God first began putting into place 30 years ago. We believe this trip could be the first of many trips to this part of Africa because we have been in conversations with two other ministries working in this same region. After sitting and waiting for so long, it now feels like things are moving quickly and as soon as more updates become available, we will be sharing them.


Meanwhile, we continue to work with our people groups in South America. However, the COVID outbreak is still challenging for our partners there. Please be in prayer for them. We still hope to travel to record more stories before the summer. In the meantime, we continue to edit existing stories for them to use, and to expand their ministry even when they cannot travel.

So here is to the journey ahead. We don’t know everything that God has planned for 2021, but we know He is in control. We know that when we get to our destination, He will be there waiting for us already building the foundation of what He would have us to do. Thank you for being a such a valuable fellow traveler.

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