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100...200,000...what's next?

Going to 100!

OneMissionTV, if you have followed the arc of the story for very long, you know that we are big into celebrating milestones. On our next trip to Kenya in December, we will be crossing the 100 mark!

100 video Bible stories, completing video libraries in 5 languages across 2 continents.

When we launched a little more than 4 years ago, this was our dream. We wanted to reach the heart of oral learners with God's Word in a way they can see, hear, and understand.

I hope you share our enthusiasm for crossing this first 100 threshold as we look forward to the next 100.


We are now YouTubers!

Many things are happening that we never anticipated. We have now launched five YouTube channels, one for each of the five languages.

The first channel was launched back in May for the Samburu language, and we have already surpassed 200,000 views.

Those views of video Bible stories are literally coming from around the globe. Many of them are in places that we might have guessed: Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and nearly every other country across Africa. But many other views have come from places we never would have guessed: Haiti, the Philippines, Lebanon, and more.

It's exciting to see how God is sending these video Bible stories farther than we could even imagine!


Demand is growing!

Now the demand for more libraries is coming from people groups in new and exciting places. We are making plans to work with a language group in northeast Thailand in 2024. The videos can also be shared with neighboring people in Cambodia and communist Laos.

As we have mentioned in the past, two different ministries in Peru have reached out. We are exploring a people group in northern Iraq, and we are beginning talks with a ministry reaching indigenous groups in southern Mexico.


All of this is exciting, but...

But is this the Big News? Nope. All of this is WHY we need the Big News.

Next week, we will announce a new path to meeting the growing demand for video Bible stories.

We’ll leave you with this one question “Are you one of the 72?”

If you want a hint, take a look at Luke 10:1-2 NLT.

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